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Problem with legalization of Power of Attorney

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Problem with legalization of Power of Attorney

Hi there!
Maybe you can help me. I need to prepare the power of attorney for my relatives in UAE. I did one – it includes two languages –English and Arabic on the same page. The Arabic translation was done by my friend in UAE and it is good quality. I notarized my signature at Montreal notary and mailed the document to MOFa, but they refused to authenticate my document. I was waiting 22 days, and then got the document without any stamps… I do not know what the issue is. Please help m :-(

Thank you!!!

Edwin Colt
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Dear Mohammed!
Unfortunately, you are not alone with this issue. Global Affairs of Canada (DFAIT or MOFa) has these rules for documents originating in Canada in a foreign language
• Documents originating in Canada in a foreign language must be translated into English or French and certified by a Canadian certified translator, and by a Canadian notary public or Commissioner of Oaths.

It looks like your Arabic translation was not certified by certified Canadian Arabic Translator with notary affidavit. We understand that these are additional expenses for you; it is why we always advise our clients to prepare the power of attorney only in English of French without any foreign translation. Then, sign these documents in front of any Canadian notaries, authenticate and legalize at relevant Embassies. When the power of attorney would be fully legalized you can translate it in the country of using via certified translator with notary affidavit. This way is faster and more cost effective. For example, we know that in UAE the local translators charge for their service three times cheaper than similar translation in Canada. Moreover, when you translate your power of attorney in the country of using you also translate the legalization stamps (that are on English) and UAE authorities will not be confused. Thus, please redo your document. Also, I would advise you to email us draft of your fixed power of attorney –we will double check the proper “Jurat”. I hope that my answer helped you.