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Authentication, Legalization or Apostille of Medical Fitness Certificates in Canada and USA

Canadians for work overseas can legalize their medical fitness certificates with help by Canada Legalization Services The below is the recommended procedure for individuals to submit the Medical Fitness Certificates in proper order with foreign country specifics taken into account in advance:
  1. If the foreign country has the pre-approved list of doctors, choose the one convenient for you and contact him/her to make an appointment. Ask the doctor if the Certificates are sent directly to the foreign authorities or you need to apostille or legalize them after they are in your possession. Most likely, you do not need to do anything so you may skip the below altogether.
  2. If the foreign country leaves it to you to find your own doctor, call your family doctor and ask if he/she issues such Certificates. However, before you talk to the doctor, you may want to find out the foreign country requirements for the actual Certificate so you know what to ask from your own doctor. Sometimes the clinics may provide elaborate Certificates on many pages with a lot of medical information but in other cases a one-page Certificate stating you are fit for the work duty or immigration is all they can issue.
  3. If you do not have a doctor, you can find one from your provincial Health Services website, College of Physicians and Surgeons of the province, Yellow Pages or from searching Internet. Please read Step 2 above for format requirements.
  4. Find out from the foreign authorities if they require actual originals or they can accept certified true copies as well. Ask them about the translation requirements (if the language of their country is not English or French) and binding/sealing of multiple pages (if any). After you obtain the original Certificate, go to interpreter (if needed) and then to Canadian Notary Public, Lawyer, Student-at-Law or Barrister/Solicitor to notarize either the original or the certified true copy (together with translation in the proper binding/sealing arrangement). Please note that the Global Affairs of Canada (GAC) will not apostille or authenticate your Medical Fitness Certificate unless it has the signature and stamp of the Notary, etc.
  5. The Medical Fitness Certificate is then ready for apostille or authentication at Global Affairs of Canada (GAC) or at the relevant provincial level.
  6. After authentication, the Certificate can be legalized at a foreign Embassy/Consulate.
Our Services
Canada Legalization Services© understands that Medical Fitness Certificates may contain your private and confidential medical information. Many of our domestic and international clients can attest to our strict confidentiality principles and professionalism in getting the job done with high service quality
Usually, we offer our clients either regular or rush service for:
  1. Notariazation & Apostille & Authentication at the Global Affairs of Canada (GAC) or at the provincial levels or Apostille & consular legalization in Washington DC, USA.
  2. Subsequent legalization at a foreign Embassy/Consulate in Canada or US.
If you want us to proceed, we will need the following:
  1. Notarized Medical Fitness Certificate (it may already be translated and bound/sealed). Or we can do it for you.
  2. Copy of the Certificate for foreign Embassy/Consulate records (if you would like us to legalize it as well).
  3. Payment in the form described in our Payment Methods section and amount described in our Fees section.
  4. Self-addressed envelope with prepaid airway bill. You can use any courier company but we strongly suggest using FedEx, UPS or DHL for faster return of your documents. If you do not enclose return envelope, we will return your documents either via Canada Post standard or registered mail.
  5. Please contact us in advance if you have any questions. We hope to hear from you soon!