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Translation in Canada - Things to Consider

Nov 26 2015
Canada Legalization Services can arrange translation of documents in Canada Translators/interpreters in Canada can be divided into the following categories by their titles granted by provincial regulatory bodies for these professions:
Canada Legalization Services makes recommendations about translation of public documents in Canada and the USA
  • Certified Translator
  • Certified Terminologist
  • Certified Interpreter
  • Certified Conference Interpreter
  • Certified Court Interpreter.
The following types of certification are possible in Canada:
  • Certification On Dossier
  • Certification by Mentorship
  • Certification Examination
More information on certification of translators/interpreters in Canada can be found on the website of Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council.  The links to respective provincial association can be found via this link.
There may also be professionals in Canada who, without membership in any of the provincial associations, still possess international diplomas in language studies (assessed by provincial services responsible for foreign credential assessment). They too provide translation/interpretation services in Canada but there may be certain limitations imposed on them for their practice.
Alternatively, you can also use this link from the American Translators Association.
The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) is a central source of information about the services and organizations around Canada that can help with the accreditation of internationally-acquired skills. In addition, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has established a Foreign Credential Referral Office (FCRO).
Finally, many foreign Embassies/Consulates offer translation services as well for many of their standard country-issued official documents.
The important thing to remember about ordering translator/interpreter services in light of the Hague Apostille Convention (i.e. document acceptance in a foreign country) is that translators/interpreters can properly bind and seal together multiple pages of a document in a format readily acceptable/convenient for notaries, government officials and foreign consuls.
Thus, to find the translator/interpreter in Canada, you can use the following:
  • Search features on the web-pages of the provincial associations or their free phone referral service
  • Internet for companies providing translation services in your area
  • Foreign Embassy/Consulates
  • Yellow pages
Our Services
Canada Legalization Services© can arrange translation for your documents within the package of our other document services (apostille and legalization). We have established long-term relationships with the companies and individuals offering certified translator services for many world languages. We can also arrange translation by the foreign Embassy/Consulate. Please Request a Quote or contact us for more information.
We hope to hear from you soon!
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