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Canadian Corporate Documents

Corporate Canadian documents need to be authenticated by DFAIT and legalized by foreign embassies, and Canada Legalization Services provides such services. Canadian companies operating overseas or wishing to open a foreign branch need to legalize their corporate documents such as, for example, incorporation and registration papers, certificates of good standing, corporate resolutions and corporate Powers of Attorney.  These documents are either issued by registries or provincial governments.  Oftentimes, signatures or copies of them must be notarized.  In order to be legally accepted in overseas jurisdictions, such corporate documents must be properly notarized (each country has uts own usnique requrements), then apostilled or authenticated by Global Affairs of Canada (GAC) or at the provincial level and legalized by foreign embassies or consulates in Canada (or in the USA if that country does not have consular presence in Canada).
Our Services
Canada Legalization Services© has been providing notarization & apostille & authentication and legalization services for corporate clients for years, and we are proud to declare that all of our corporate clients were happy to get a speedy and efficient service.  We do understand the critical urgency so common in the international business world simply because we are also a company who appreciates the value of time as a precious resource.  Thus, if you are a corporate client and are interested in our services, please contact us or request a quote - we have special discounts available for high-volume certification work.  As can be seen from Our Fees section, unlike some of our competitors we do not charge hefty fees for every single document.  We hope to hear from you soon!