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Saudi Arabia Embassy in Ottawa Consular Legalization

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Saudi Arabia Embassy in Ottawa Consular Legalization
Consular Legalization of Canadian Documents for using them in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Canada Legalization Services© can provide you the partial service of authentication and consular legalization of any Canadian documents for further use them in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Our service fee is flat regardless of the number of documents - 125 CAD + official consular fees that is 35 CAD per document (official SA MOFa processing fee is included) + 2 FEDEX envelopes to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia and back to you+ credit card fee  (voided if your use Interac money transfer as a method of payment).
Our service includes the preliminary documents checking (please email us the scanned copies), authentication of the documents at the Global Affairs of Canada in Ottawa, the payment of all consular fees on your behalf and the preparation of 2 FEDEX waybills; shipment the documents to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

If you would like us to proceed, please send us an email that includes scan of your document or detailed document description. We will review the document and advise you if it is ready to be authenticated.

If you use our services, you will not have to make an expensive trip to Ottawa. We will need only 1-2 working days to complete the process on your behalf in Ottawa and deliver your documents to the Embassy.
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Toll-free: + 1-800-816-2360